5 Best Obama x Biden Bromance Memes

Let’s face it. Last week was rough as hell. The middle of America PA, MI & WI elected Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. Donald Trump. It still hasn’t set in for me. Kind of like Arby’s. I’m aware it exists, but I’ve never actually seen it in person.


Pic via: Craig Barrett


In response to this shitty, shitty election and it’s shitty, shitty outcome, the internets (all of them) have decided to wrap itself up in the bromance that is President Barack Obama and VP Joe Biden. And it’s fucking hilarious. What throws even more gas on this, is that these are very realistic.  This is exactly how I see #UncleBiden. As a warning, #5 gets pretty dank, pretty quick.




4. pout

Instagram, via @roostermustache




Instagram, via @Dabmoms



Instagram, via JoeObamaBromance




I dare you to find me ones that are funnier…unless they just came out.

Instagram: @MsOfficer

Twitter: @MsOfficer





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