Drake-Ism, “Take Care”-Ism

Aubrey Drake Graham exists as both an actor & rapper singer.

Mr. Graham needs to be very careful he doesn’t fall into “Ja Rule” territory, which he is hurdling towards with his latest effort, Take Care.

The “lonely-kind-of-singer-entertainer-sitting-by-a-golden-bird-whilst-being-Jay-Z’s-unshaven-look-circa-6-months-ago” look is not really doing much for…anything outside of 1983.

I never bought the “Drake is a gangster because he chose to sign hang out with Young Money” image,


Care is in the title of his sophomore effort. HOW HARD IS THIS EXPECTED TO BE

Drake happens to be a walking dichotomy. Smart enough for the nerds/backpackers, [Insert 6 letter word, adj. here] ish enough for…everyone else.

Initially, I thought of writing a review upon first listen. Deciding that would have been premature & possibly unfair (although I have a very good sense for identifying hit songs, quality songs & plain sh*t) I marinated. I’ve lived with this Take Care album for a week now, it’s time I shared the in -depth breakdown.

1. Over My Dead Body- Boring. In one instance I fell asleep. So it doubles as a lullaby.

2. Shot For Me- 

3. Headlines –

4. Crew Love Feat. The Weekend- 1st good song we come across.  Best of all, The Weekend does the singing here.  Also, The Weekend may or may not sound like The Dream. Perhaps it’s their affinity for articles.

5. Take Care Feat. Rihanna- Just…waterboard me.  This will be a sickening crossover hit– everyone loves Drake, everyone loves Rihanna. Put them over a fart (which this song makes me want to do) and it will be a smash. Call it the Jay-Z effect.

6. Marvin’s Room- Spawned too many spawns this summer. We’ve all drunk dialed. We’ve all been 2am mad. Drizzy accurately captures this while caressing his own scruffy chin.

7. Buried Alive (Interlude) Feat. Kendrick Lamar- Kendrick Lamar is getting much of the same type of buzz Drake was 2 years ago (as he likes to remind us). Drizzy gets kind of morbid not only on this track-but the whole album-which is weird. What is he talking about? Why is he so upset at his success? ISN’T THIS WHAT YOU WANTED

8. Underground Kings- Love this. Particularly it’s ’90s rap sound. These types of records are why we love Drake in the first place. Well done, Noah “40”  Shebib & T-Minus. Sometimes I need that romance, sometimes I need to pole dance.

9. We’ll Be Fine (Feat. Birdman)- Would’ve been fine sans Birdman.

10. Make Me Proud (Feat. Nicki Minaj)- This duet does little to quell my feelings they’ll both be donned in pink for the vid. Admittedly, I like it–this too (is currently) be a big record.

11. Lord Knows Feat. Rick Ross- Here is the standalone “street cred” song on Take Care. Personally, not crazy about it. However, production by Just Blaze & Rawse’s sheep will propel this– at least on late night radio.

12. Cameras Feat. Jon B./Good Ones Go (Interlude)- Easily my favorite track. Impressed is an understatement when it comes to how I feel about him even knowing Jon B.’ Calling On You. Lends to the theory of Drake-ism. Can’t be a gangster listening to Pleasures You Like. Original:

This, ladies and gentlemen, is partially how underrated artists get their due– rediscovery. So, not so bad after all. Jon is an amazing artist, one of my absolute favorites. Click here for the interview I did with Jon B. this summer.

The interlude is a killer.

13. Doing It Wrong (Feat. Stevie Wonder)- What was that? Would you like some more WHINE with that cheese? BUT OF COURSE. THIS TRACK’S ONLY SAVING GRACE IS STEVIE WONDER’S HARMONICA

14. The Real Her (Feat. Andre 3000 and Lil’ Wayne)- Aside from the fact you can barely differentiate Wayne’s voice from Drake’s, it’s pretty cool. Andre 3000 always elevates anything he’s on. #SEEWHATIDIDTHERE #ELEVATORS

15. Look What You’ve Done- Best song on the album. About his mother, uncle & grandmother. Well done.

16. HYFR Feat. Lil Wayne- “Hell Yeah, F*cking Right” should not follow Look What You’ve Done. What is the connection here? Again, lost in the Drayne voice matrix. And it sucks.

17. Practice- We’ve heard this before, circa 12 years ago. With a few more gold teeth, and Mweaves (Man weaves) sprinkled in between.

Practice raises a different question. WHERE’S MANNIE FRESH

18. The Ride Feat. The Weekend- Meh.


Hate Sleeping Alone- Not depolorable. Could’ve replaced one of the 1st 3 songs. Or all of them.

The Motto Feat. Lil’ Wayne & Tyga- The only dance-able cut was relegated to an afterthought. Why is this a bonus & that atrocity HYFR gets to have an album cut? WHO MADE THIS DECISION

Miscellaneous Notes:

– Noticeably, his voice (not style) sounds a lot like Lil’ Wayne. Doesn’t help half of this album consists of his rhymes too.

– He didn’t “Baaaaaaawwww” that much this go around, which is kind of disappointing.


Now that you have been saturated with more references to “OVO” & “XO” than you care to count, do yourself a favor.

Click here


*Ms. Officer


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